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Yachtscapes by Octogang is a collection of Boat Banner NFTs for Great Degens. Resurrected from the ashes of Fine Yachts Harbor club, the project is inspired by Bored Apes, Midnight Breeze and Punkscapes, made to explore to the unchartered market of NFT banners.

Over 250 hand-drawn assets.

With more than 2000 layers of working files we have carefully selected 250 assets to be included in the visual library that generates the 10k collection. The project started out with Yachts traits derived from the BAYC & BAKC fur and then we added more traits from projects that inspire us and greatly influenced the NFT space. When slapped together, we want the banners to match perfectly with every ape or your favorite pfps.

But who else can build better boats than the sea dwellers right? LFGang!!!! Read along!

You heard it right. We building yachts.

Many have missed the Apes,

This time, dont miss the yacht.

When asked what is the most successful NFT of all time? We usually answered Bored Apes and their derivatives. But the next question that pops up is, “Yeap, I can see the monkeys but where’s the yacht?” Too many Apes’ clubs, not enough yachts. The gang is about to solve that.

We've seen APES this, APES that,

all sorts of monke NFT but srsly,
" where the yachts at?"

Wen Mint?

As voted by the community/gang members, the minting will begin on June 8 2022.
Presale: Free + Gas
Public: 0.01 ETH + Gas

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Wen Roadmap?

This side project doesn't have a roadmap, and a huge portion of the sales will be added into Octogang treasury to fund phase 2 onwards. It is purely an art-banner project (hence the low mint price) meant to:
1) Reward the existing holders of Octogang 
2) Reward the minters of Fine Yachts Harbor Club, and
3) Reward the NFT degens with chances of flipping the NFT, at your expense. You can choose to keep, hold, degen, or whatever you want to do with it. The sea’s the limit.


Should the project receive so much love and the community want to grow it further, the decision will be mutually decided later.

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