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The Seaweed Masterplan

World Building

Seaweed Town
Seaweed town is a safe haven where heritage resides and bloom. Acquiring a spot in seaweed town is almost impossible for many other than being the early pioneers (Genesis) in the project. Though there are some areas of the town that are still unexplored.

Coral City
The metropolis of growth, due to its rapid growth and development, some foundations are left fragile in pursuit of speed. Coral city is the volatile though always recover on its feet swiftly with huge resources, and larger number of citizens. Though with the departure of Coral City Mayor Jellyfish replaced by a plastic bag. Coral City is now running on its own taking advices to the founding fathers of seaweed town to rebuild itself back to its former glory.

The town and city consists of a few areas reflecting back to our vision for an ecosystem.

Arts & Cultural District

  • Metaverse Gallery

  • Auction House

  • Arts and virtual performance events

Leisure & Entertainment District

  • Gaming

  • Race track

  • Virtual Concerts

  • Other Virtual Events

  • E-Sports Events

Central Park

  • Seaweed park

  • Hall of Fame Sculptures

  • Wall Tagging area

  • ETC

Wellness District

  • Mental Health support area

Residential Area

  • Northern Residential

  • Southern Residential

  • Branded Residential

  • Reserved Area

Central Business District

  • Seaweed Treasury

  • Exchange

  • Free Market

  • Auction House

Research & Institution District

  • Seaweed University

  • Virtual kindy/ Playspace

  • Seaweed lab

Should you have more questions about the project, you can always shoot us a question through out discord channel or reach out to us via our social media accounts.

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Discord

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