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What is an NFT?

NFT stands for "non-fungible-token", a blockchain innovation where a certain "serial number"-like record can be attached to any digital asset that can be bought, own, and traded. While commonly known for digital arts, some NFT provides additional utilities like giving you access into private community, gated websites and even real life events. To put it in a simple way, NFTs are serialized unique digital assets that can be traced back to its origin.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the blockchain technology that powers the cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH). Learn all the details at their website.

What is a Crypto Wallet?
Crypto wallets are wallets that stores your cryptocurrencies. It’s needed to purchase and mint an Octogang. Having a wallet gives you a unique address (eg: 0x0c70....94ng) where you can fill up with your token. Since Octogang is developed on ethereum, we recommend end user friendly wallets like Metamask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet and Rainbow due to their ease of use.

Where does my NFT go after I mint an Octogang?
Your Octogang NFT will be sent from null address to the wallet address you used to mint or purchase and octo and succeeded. You can view your NFT on open market websites such as Opensea, Looks Rare, X2y2, Blur and also some crypto wallets have incorporated NFT viewing in their interfaces too.

Where are these Octopuses really come from? Who created these?
Octogang was originally created by our founder Mr Yxji ( back in 2010 when his Pirate artworks for a gaming clan he was in had a skull pendant that looked like a cute octopus. Having a clan that was into cute and kawaii genre, they decided to name a guild Octogang. Since then, after multiple revision and iterations, it turned into a small friends and family little brand making plushies, vinyl sculptures, keychains, hats, digital stickers and more.

With the rise of NFT in 2021, Mr Yxji decided to grow the project into a family friendly brand with main focus on ocean conservations and charities for children.

Who are the Team Members?
At the time of this writing, this is still a solo project run by our founder with help and advices from friends and communities in the NFT space.

The usual meme where dev do different poses and change name is the hard truth here.

Aside from that the gang is looking to have more people as we grow and develop. We have unofficial team members described on the Team Page

Will I be rich buying into this?
​Rich is a subjective term. One can hold a Bored Ape in his/her wallet and not have any fiat and feel rich. Some value friendship and connections more than having a lot of fiat.

But if you meant fiat rich; being in the space for couple of years, we would like to remind you that Crypto is a very volatile space and any NFT purchase must be proceeded with cautions. Look for value beyond monetary and do not spend money you are not willing to lose.

Once you have those in checked, look for projects that fight for or promotes the message that vibes with you. So if you love protecting our oceans and  supporting unfortunate children, We wholeheartedly welcome you with open arms! (or tentacles?)

Will there be trait rarities or 1 of 1?
Yes and No. Octogang World are programmatically generated collection made from over 250 hand drawn assets and yes some traits and gears are rarer than another.

While some traits are considered extremely rare with percentage under 0.1% in the collection, the 1 of 1 arts are exclusive for Octogang Genesis 555.

Can I print my Octogang?
Ownership of an octo grants you full right (including commercial) for its usage like prints, avatars, even as a brand logo as long as they are not for illegal and criminal activities representation.


Have fun with your Octo, Make it your brand mascot or surprise us with the unthinkable creative usage of it.

Where are the roadmap?
Our roadmap which was previously known as the GANGPLAN is now getting a major overhaul into Seaweed Masterplan and will be revealed after we mint out.

How much is the total supply?
Total supply of Octogang World NFT is 10,000 with 1500 reservation to the gang treasury and marketing purposes.

To conclude that, 8500 octos will be available to public/whitelist mint.

Should you have more questions about the project, you can always shoot us a question through out discord channel or reach out to us on our social media accounts.


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Octogang 2010-2023 / Octogang NFT 2021-2023

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